How Much Does It Cost To Drill A Bowling Ball? Get An Estimate Now!

How Much Does It Cost to Drill a Bowling Ball?

Do you have a fancy bowling ball? Then it’s time to drill it. However, how much does it cost to drill a bowling ball? After making a significant investment in a new bowling ball, it’s natural to be anxious about the cost of preparing it.

Custom-drilled bowling balls may even assist in preventing damage in extreme cases, as your hand will be in the optimal position if the bowling ball fits appropriately.

Moreover, it is essential. You can’t use your ball till it’s drilled, can you? Therefore, if you’re looking for information, you’ve come to the proper place. We will provide you with an estimate, and you may adjust your budget accordingly.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the costs associated with bowling ball drilling. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the cost of bowling ball drilling.

What is Bowling Ball Drilling?

Bowling Ball Drilling is a job that requires a drill to create holes in bowling balls.

The primary tool for this job is a drill, which can be operated by hand or remotely controlled.

The process involves using a hammer to smash the hard surface and embed the drill bit into the material. It is also called hydraulic fracturing and involves pumping fluid under high pressure down a wellbore and out behind the drill bit.

This provides sufficient force to make it easier for the bit to cut through harsh surfaces like shale or diamond-bearing rock formations.

The drilling bits are specially designed pieces of equipment for this purpose. The design features long tungsten carbide teeth that cut through harsh surfaces like shale or diamond-bearing rock formations. The drilling fluid that flows out from behind such drills can then be analyzed for gas, oil, or coal.

Bowling ball drilling is a type of directional drilling in which the weight rotates the drill bit on its end.

Bowling ball drill bits are used to create a borehole to drain water, gas, or oil. They are also used for other purposes, such as creating an access hole or preventing blowouts.

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What is the Best Process to Drill a Bowling Ball?

What is the Best Process to Drill a Bowling Ball?

There are many variables to consider when drilling a bowling ball, so it is hard to put one standard cost.

  • To drill a bowling ball, the first thing you need to do is find the core.
  • The core is typically located in the center of the ball and can usually be found by following a seam around the ball.
  • When you find the core, insert your drill into it and start rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise until you feel that it’s secure enough to use an electric drill.
  • After this, make sure that your drill bit is compatible with your electric drill (most are).
  • Then, put some lubricant on it before beginning to drill.
  • If you’ve done everything correctly so far, then you should now see liquid oil coming out of the hole in your ball once you’ve drilled through all of its layers.

How Much Does Drilling a Bowling Ball Cost?

How Much Does Drilling a Bowling Ball Cost?

Making the bowling ball yourself can save money, but it can be dangerous without the proper tools or skill.

You do not want to ruin your new bowling ball by drilling it improperly or in a neat manner. More importantly, you risk injuring yourself with sharp bits in the holes, so it’s best to leave the drilling to the professionals and save your creativity for the lanes.

The average cost of professional bowling ball drilling is determined by various factors, including your location, who performs the drilling, and the specific work required.

However, the average cost of drilling a bowling ball is between $15 and $50. This is because a variety of drilling services are offered.

It’s also critical to factor in shipping expenses if you’re making an online purchase. However, we recommend getting your bowling ball drilled by a convenient provider in person.

Your local pro shop will be able to measure your hands and adjust the span and hole sizes accordingly. They have specialized tools for this, such as thumb molds, which make perfecting the finger holes easier.

Left-handed users will appreciate how the spread and hole sizes are customized to their grip. Indeed, many find that the typical cost of bowling ball drilling is well worth its convenience.

While you’re there, why not have a look at the other things they sell? Who knows — perhaps their store carries more stuff you’re interested in, such as bowling shoes or bowling bags.

Unfortunately, bowling supply stores are few and far between, so it’s not the end of the world if you have to rely on an online drilling service.

Additionally, different sorts of drilling services are available. Standard drilling services, which provide holes based on their depth and distance from one another, are unquestionably the least expensive drilling choice.

Additionally, the majority of pro shops provide two superior drilling services that come highly recommended but are slightly more expensive: standard grip and fingertip grip.

The typical grip is intended for deep holes to accommodate fingers up to the second joint. Drilling will cost slightly more than the standard grip, typically somewhat less than double the price.

Additionally, there is a cost for the fingertip grip, which encompasses the full finger. This is often somewhat less than three times the cost of conventional drilling, but many bowlers believe it provides the best grip and precision.

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What is the Cost of Drilling a Bowling Ball in the Pro Shop?

Pre-drilled bowling balls are prevalent. Those balls will have regular finger hole configuration and no additional drilling charges. There’s a good chance that the layout won’t work out with your hand. That’s why you need to modify and drill your ball.

Usually, it’s $20-$50. This amount applies if you do not buy a bowling ball from that shop. If you bought the ball from the pro shop and want it drilled, the pro shop operator will charge you between $10 and $20. If you are a casual bowler, you may expect to pay between $30 and $50 for basic bowling ball drilling.

Most places charge this, but drilling can cost up to $70. That depends on the modification, coverstock type, and hole configuration. Remember that prices vary by location, so this is an estimate. Professional drilling and regular drilling are also different. It would help if you chose your bowling ball.

What Are the Advantages of Drilling Your Ball?

What Are the Advantages of Drilling Your Ball?


Like buying a generic bowling ball, custom-drilled bowling balls fit your hand perfectly.

Purchasing a new bowling ball and utilizing bespoke drilling services improves your game’s accuracy. Always remember to budget for at least essential drilling services when determining the cost of a new bowling ball.

Take Control of Your Game

Having a specific new ball fitted lets you take ownership of your performance.

You can walk down to the lane, pick up a generic blue or yellow ball that thousands of others have used, and play a typical game. By starting with a blank ball, you can create any design you like, whether it’s a pattern like stripes or something much more fabulous like skulls or glow-in-the-dark space patterns!

This may seem excessive for novice bowlers, but you will require your equipment once you begin competing with advanced bowlers. You can care for it and demonstrate your skills against others – as you acquire experience with the technique, you may even decide to attempt drilling your new ball!

Drilling and customizing your ball is comparable to purchasing an embroidered shirt or a pair of shoes, all of which are significantly more expensive to rent.


Getting a ball that fits your hand comfortably can help it last longer. With the custom drill, the ball will be of significantly higher quality than the immediately available balls in the lane. As your game develops, it will sustain less harm from being thrown wrongly.

Bowling balls, on average, will operate at a high level for 200-300 games or longer if properly maintained. When drilling charges are factored in, this equates to your ball costing less than a dollar every game – a sum many believe is well worth the money.

A customized ball may help you save even more money by preventing accidents and injuries. Considering how many games the ones immediately available at the alley have played makes sense to purchase your product.

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What Are the Additional Expenses?

If you want to be especially careful, you may add drilling protection by investing a few dollars. Are you familiar with the term “drilling protection”?

It’s essentially an insurance policy for your bowling ball, allowing you to replace it if it becomes damaged or fractured during the drilling process.

 Numerous brands and pro shops are unwilling to accept responsibility if your bowling ball cracks during the drilling procedure. This protection expense is also recommended if the drilling does not go as planned. This utterly destroys a bowling ball and renders it unplayable.

That is why drilling protection safeguards the safety of your bowling ball during the drilling process. However, if your bowling ball fee includes drilling protection, you will incur no additional costs. Thus, this drilling protection insurance acts as an additional cost associated with drilling.

Typically, pro shops charge between $5 and $20 to cover the expense of the replacement ball.

They are not obligated to provide you with an exact new bowling ball, but the greater the cost of your drilling protection, the more likely you will receive the same replacement bowling ball.

Apart from the drilling protection, there may be an additional charge if you add certain functions. You are obtaining thumb slugs or finger inserts, for example. If you’re lucky, you may find that certain pro shops incorporate these additional features in their drilling costs.

Thus, there you have it! These are some of the additional prices or charges you may incur while drilling bowling balls.

How Can You Save Money?

If you do not conduct adequate research, you may end up paying significantly more on bowling ball drilling than necessary. The most effective strategy to save money on ball drilling is to choose the pro shop that gives the best bargain. Bowling ball drilling is a service offered by the retail store (online or offline) from which you purchased your bowling ball. Drilling your ball from there is one of the most acceptable ways to get reasonable pricing.

This is because they will either charge you a few dollars ($10-$20) or, in the best-case scenario, the cost will be included in the price of the bowling ball.

Certain companies offer a low-cost ball drilling service if you’re a newbie looking for a standard setup. If you tweak it somewhat, the cost will increase by only $5 or $10. However, it should not exceed $30 in total.

Things are different if you seek a professional drilling service for a high-end pro-level bowling ball. You certainly do not want the ball to crack or become nicked during the drilling operation, correct? Therefore, have it done by a skilled bowling ball operator with years of experience. While the cost may be slightly more, it will still be significantly less than purchasing a new bowling ball.

Another excellent strategy to save money and avoid being duped is to conduct your research. Numerous expert operators charge as little as $20, while others charge up to $70 for the same service.

Therefore, search the internet, visit many websites, and shop around to see how much they charge for the service. Choose the shop that appears to be offering the best value for its high-quality service.

 Finally, if you have all of the necessary equipment for bowling ball drilling at home, you can do it yourself for free.

Final Opinion

You have how much it costs to drill a bowling ball advantages, both in terms of performance and game personalization.

Even if you’re a newbie, custom drilling is worth investigating. A few adjustments will improve your skills and boost your game as significantly as custom ball drills.

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