How To Clean Bowling Shoes The Right Way

How to Clean Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are necessary regardless of whether you’re playing with buddies or in a tournament. They are extremely durable and provide the best bowling experience. However, if they become soiled, they will quickly become obsolete.

You’re probably wondering now, “How to clean bowling shoes?” Don’t panic. I have the solution.

This article will discuss why it is OK to wear bowling shoes in the alley. Moreover, it will address how to clean soiled and mouldy shoes in order to keep them clean.

Why Should You Wear Bowling Shoes?

Bowling shoes are similar to casual shoes but differ in several ways. They are made of rubber or leather and are designed to enhance the bowler’s sliding action.

Certain expert bowlers even wear an excessive amount of slide strips on their bowling shoes to enhance the sliding feature. Therefore, why is bowling a sport that requires bowling shoes? What advantages do they provide the player? Now let’s see.

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Better Motion

To begin, bowling shoes add slides to your movement, which aids in showing a more fluid motion. This is because if you are not wearing bowling shoes while throwing the ball, you will be unable to fully control the ball’s movement due to a tiny jolt or sticking of your shoes to the floor.

Less Injury Risk

We discussed how your feet will stick to the floor if you do not wear bowling shoes; this might result in injury to your ankle, foot, or back while throwing the ball. To combat this, you’re going to utilize bowling shoes, as their smoother movement will alleviate muscle strain.

Accurate Stoppage

You may believe that the sliding mechanism will never come to a halt and will eventually take you past the foul line. That is not the case, as the rubber soles on the back of the shoes immediately stop you as soon as you throw the ball and attempt to halt your movement, assisting you in coming to a halt before going too far.

Are Bowling Shoes Washable

Are Bowling Shoes Washable

Off-course, you can clean your bowling shoes! Bowling shoes are a critical component of your overall equipment setup. You should always keep your shoes free of filth and accumulation.

To minimize leather flaking or fabric deterioration, always follow the suggested care guidelines for your specific shoe type.

You will want a few basic tools, all of which should be readily available and moderately priced. I update my tools every few months and spend less than $5 at my neighbourhood dollar store.

  • A dry, supple cloth
  • If necessary, dampen using a different cloth.
  • A mild detergent or dish soap (if you don’t have an extra tub laying around, grab a small bucket or basin for your soapy combination).
  • Alternatively, you can use any equivalent wire brush or scotch pad to scrape and score the bottoms of your shoes.

Tip: When preparing your solution, begin with warm water and a trace of soap. It’s not difficult to prepare, and you only need a small bit for each time you clean your shoes.

Make a little portion of your cleanser specifically for your laces. What I’ve discovered works best for my routine is to pour a small bit into a different bucket or container, such as a small Tupperware bowl, and then soak my laces while I clean the rest of my shoes.

When I switch to washing the other shoe, I spend a few minutes rubbing the laces together, rinsing them out, and repeating similar processes while cleaning the other shoe. However, do what works best for the flow of your habit; the simpler your procedure, the more likely you are to follow through and be consistent.

Finally, it is not recommended that the soapy combination be reused. Create a new batch each time, or store it in a tightly sealed container that will be used to transfer only the necessary amount to another container.

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What Is the Importance of Bowling Shoes?

Shoes for bowling are necessary for three key reasons. They contribute to the protection of the approach area, let a bowler bowl safely, and assist him in excelling in the sport.

1. Defend the Approach Zone

You are not permitted to wear standard shoes on the painted surface of the bowling lane area due to the highly polished wooden approach area.

Regular shoes would scuff the wooden floor and make it more difficult for expert bowlers to strategically exploit the polished area to approach, glide, and release near the foul line.

2. Enhance Safety

Bowling shoes are designed to aid bowlers in gliding across the bowling surface. However, if the shoes are not properly maintained, they can become trapped on the floor.

If a bowler encounters even a modest bit of friction during the run-up, he risks catastrophic wrist, back, and ankle problems.

3. Boost Performance

Unlike conventional shoes, bowling shoes are constructed in a complex manner, making them an essential element of bowling equipment.

Their soles set them differently from everyday footwear. Both the first and second shoes in the pair feature a sliding strip that enables bowlers to glide into or break from their release, allowing them to maintain maximum control over the ball.

Cleaning Accessories for Bowling Shoes

What tools and accessories would you require to clean your bowling shoes at home? Here is a list of items you will need to clean your bowling shoes.

Towel for Cleaning

Towel for Cleaning

To begin, you’ll need a cleaning towel or piece of clean cloth to use once you’ve used a cleaning solution or even just water. This will assist in drying the bowling shoes during the cleaning process.

Wire Bristle Brush

Wire Bristle Brush

Not only are wire brushes excellent for eliminating stains and marks from your brush, but they are also excellent for fully removing debris from the surface of a shoe. Additionally, you will use a wire brush to clean your bowling shoe.

Spray Cleaner

Spray Cleaner

Cleaner sprays that contain strong foaming agents, stain removers, repellents, and shoe shine agents are also extremely effective and beneficial for cleaning your bowling shoe.

Shoe Sanitizer

Shoe Sanitizer

It is critical to disinfect your shoes to keep germs and bacteria at bay. This will undoubtedly assist in keeping your shoes safe and protected during the world’s pandemic age.

3 Best Methods to Clean Bowling Shoes at Home

You’re thinking about washing your bowling shoes at home rather than taking them to a bowling shop and spending a lot of money on them? So far, I’ve found 3 methods for washing bowling shoes at home that seem to work well. Consider the several strategies for efficiently cleaning bowling shoes.

Method: 1

Using Water and a Towel

Cleaning bowling shoes with water and a microfiber cloth is the simplest method. These are items that you most likely already own. To effectively clean your shoes, the sole must become smooth and slippery; carefully follow these procedures.

Wet the Towel

Bring a bucket of water and a clean towel with you. To moisten the towel, dip it into the pail of water. Once soaked, the dampened towel will make cleaning the bowling shoes significantly easier when compared to a dry towel.

Clean Up Stains and Dirt

It is now necessary to clean the shoes. This procedure involves wiping the bowling shoes clean one by one. If there are dirt stains on the surface of the shoes, massage the damp towel over them to remove them. Additionally, wipe the sides and soles of the shoes.

Keep Dry Your Shoes

Once all stains are removed and the shoes are clean, you’ll want to store them in a dry location. This is because the shoes must contain a small amount of water. If you want them to dry fast, place them in front of a fan.

Method : 2

Shoe Brush for Bowling

Cleaning your bowling shoes with a wire brush is a practical and efficient method. They remove dirt and debris, as well as any mildew or mold that may have accumulated on your shoes over time. Consider several critical steps.

Remove Dirt from Shoes

With the brush’s rough bristles, you’re going to rub the stains, dirt, and dust off the shoes first, and then continue with the process.

Remove Mold and Mildew

If the shoes have not been cleaned in a long time, they may develop green mold and mildew. Remove the muck and mold from the bowling ball with the brush and rubbing.

Clean Your Bowling Shoes’ Soles

If the bowling shoes’ soles have any dirt or mildew adhered to them, you’ll want to clean them as well. Simply wipe the sole with a little vigorous rubbing action and you’re finished.

Method : 3

Cleaning Bowling Shoes

Can I wash my bowling shoes? is a question I’ve seen folks ask. Certainly, you can. As with regular shoes, you may wash bowling shoes in your washing machine to fully clean them. Indeed, if your bowling shoes include a sliding strip, you can wash it as well for optimal performance. This is how you accomplish it.

With a Piece of Cloth, wipe the Shoes

To begin, you’ll want to check the shoes’ surface for any embedded dirt or mold. This will be accomplished by wiping the bowling shoes with a piece of cloth.

In the Laundry Machine, wash the Shoes

Now you’re going to load the bowling shoes into your washing machine and thoroughly clean them. The machine’s movement, action, and water distribution thoroughly clean the shoes.

Clean the Washing Machine’s Sliding Strip

If the slide strip on your bowling shoes has become dirty and is no longer delivering adequate sliding motion, you may also wash it in the washing machine.

Dry the Shoes in a Well-ventilated Area

Once both items are completely submerged in water, you’ll want to store the bowling shoes and slide strip in a dry location until their next use.

Taking Care of Your Bowling Shoes

You’ve meticulously cleaned your bowling shoes, but now you want them to stay as clean as possible for an extended period of time.

In that scenario, you’ll need to carefully maintain and store the shoes to ensure they last a long time, remain clean and do not wear out prematurely. Here are some tips for extending the life of your bowling shoes.

  • Safely store your clean shoes in a bowling equipment bag.
  • Assure that you store the shoe in a dry, cool location where it will not quickly wear out.
  • After cleaning, you’ll want to spray them with disinfectant to keep them safe.
  • When you wear your shoes, it is conceivable that the sweat from your feet will cause them to smell. To accomplish this, you’re going to use a shoe deodorant spray or the included cleaning.
  • If it is not possible to clean the shoes weekly, you can wipe them down with a towel on a regular basis to keep them in pristine condition.
  • Cover your bowling shoes with bowling shoe coverings.

How to Clean the Soles of Bowling Shoes?

Washing the shoe’s midsole depends on the shoe’s design. This is because some bowling shoes include a perfectly flat sole, while others feature cracks, ridges, nooks, or are painted black, as well as rubber soles at the heels to assist you in stopping.

To clean the midsoles, however, a tiny amount of the prepared cleaner should be applied to the shoe and brushed from left to right. Additionally, you can use a steel wire brush.

Ensure that you do not use an excessive amount of soap, since this will leave an extra soapy residue. Examine the slide strip for any lingering stains or dirt and repeat the process if necessary.

When it comes to cleaning the midsoles, it is critical to assess the shoe’s condition and select the most appropriate cleaning approach.

For instance, if the soles are painted, it is preferable to wipe them gently with a microfiber towel wrapped around your fingers rather than a brush, which can be excessively abrasive. Utilize a dry cloth to wipe off the midsoles.

Another point to consider is the sole’s integrity. Certain shoes feature interchangeable soles that can be swapped out when the older one wears out.

How can I clean a Bowling Shoe’s Slide strip?

If you discover that the slide strips or slide pads on your bowling shoes have become dirty and are no longer operating as well as they once did, simply throw them in the washing machine. They can be cleaned in less than a minute. If you intend to wash the pads or strips in the washer, place them first in a fine mesh laundry bag.

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(FAQ) About How to Clean Bowling Shoes

What Is the Durability of Bowling Shoes?

A pair of bowling shoes can last between 1-2 years, depending on how they are used and cared for. Hand-cleaning and storing your bowling shoes instead of putting them in the washing machine can avoid further damage and increase their lifespan.

Can You Wear Bowling Shoes Outside?

No way! Bowling shoes are not meant to be worn outside, even for a short time. Wearing your freshly cleaned bowling shoes outside is like washing away all your hard work and inviting a messier clean-up. Mud, grit, and other debris are difficult to clean and harm the shoe’s sole.

While it’s preferable to avoid wearing bowling shoes out, shoe covers are a good investment. So, if you need to go to the bathroom or grab a snack quickly, the covers can safeguard your bowling shoes by acting as a barrier between them and the ground.

How to Make Bowling Shoes Slippery?

Here are some tips for less slippery bowling shoes:

  • If you rent bowling shoes, consider buying a decent pair. Because rental bowling shoes have a sliding sole designed to accommodate both left and right-handed bowlers, they can lose traction.
  • A slippery synthetic approach or lane is dependent on humidity, upkeep, etc. A solid pair of bowling shoes will help you deliver the ball more consistently and reduce sliding length.
  • Use a nylon or wire shoe brush to rough up the siding shoe between the frames.

Last Opinion

Professional bowlers should keep their bowling shoes clean. Bowling shoes aren’t inexpensive, so you’ll want to keep them clean to avoid premature wear. I wish you a lot of fun with your bespoke bowling shoes.

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