How to Properly And Safely Dispose of a Bowling Ball?

How to Dispose of Bowling Balls

When you purchase a new bowling ball, you may be wondering what to do with your old one. Due to their weight, they cannot be thrown in the trash.

It would help safely dispose of the bowling ball to avoid any potential injuries to anyone who comes into contact with it.

It is highly typical for individuals to be unsure how to Dispose their old bowling balls properly.

There are several methods for safely and adequately disposing of a bowling ball. You can either donate them or sell them to a local pro shop. They may not always purchase old bowling balls, but it is worth asking.

Due to the materials used in bowling balls, their disposal is problematic. Because the balls are made to endure a long time, it’s challenging to decide what to do with them once you’re finished. Fortunately, there are many methods for disposing of your used, outdated bowling balls.

What Is the Proper Way to Dispose of Bowling Balls?

While you may be tempted to discard your old bowling ball in the ordinary trash, this is strongly discouraged. Due to the weight and density of bowling balls, they can injure someone unaware of their presence. For instance, it could collide with someone’s foot, causing severe injury.

There is no denying a shortage of information and advice regarding what to do with old bowling balls once they have served their purpose.

It is estimated that over 100,000 bowling balls have been dumped in landfills. This is not ideal because bowling balls are not exactly environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking to get rid of an old, usable bowling ball, your best bet is to donate it or take it to a pro shop to see if they’ll buy it.

If they do not purchase it, they may offer to dispose of it for you. This is the safest alternative, as they are trained to dispose of bowling balls properly.

When dealing with a fractured bowling ball, your alternatives are significantly more limited. Before throwing away your bowling ball, check whether it can be repaired. You can take it to a pro shop, and they will determine whether the ball can be repaired or if you should get a new one. If you can’t fix the item, the shop will very certainly offer to dispose of it for you.

What Can Old Bowling Balls Do?

What Can Old Bowling Balls Do?

If you have an old bowling ball that you don’t want to throw out, it has several uses. Depending on your end purpose, you can recycle or give the bowling ball.

Contact Your Local Recycler

The first step is to recycle your old bowling ball. Some recycling centers will take them even if they aren’t always recycled. Call your local center and ask if they accept bowling balls for recycling. If not, there are alternative options.

Artists in Town

You can encounter an artist asking for bowling balls for a project. It’s impressive how well artists can repurpose items.

Ask if any local artists would be willing to take the bowling ball.

Donate to the Zoo

If you reside near a zoo, they may use bowling balls as animal enrichment. They won’t accept cracked bowling balls, so make sure it’s in pristine condition before donating them. Cracked bowling balls can hurt animals, which we do not want.

Backyard Fun

You can also recycle a bowling ball at home. You can use it to make an outdoor game in your backyard. One everyday activity is to see who can throw the bowling ball the farthest.

Give to a Bowling Alley

Donating your old bowling ball is another option. Bowling alleys often feature leagues for kids or disabled people, and you can give your bowling ball to one of them.

Your bowling ball can also go to a program that helps low-income families afford sports for their kids.

Make a Donation to a School

You can also donate your bowling ball to a local school’s bowling team. Not every kid is cut out for football, baseball, or basketball. So youngsters know their options aren’t limited, having access to equipment like a bowling ball is excellent.

Veterans Office

Check out your local Veteran Affairs office. Your bowling ball contribution may help a few veterans form a league.

Are Bowling Balls Recyclable?

Sadly, they cannot. They are too complex to recycle with the several materials that go into the construction of a bowling ball, from the inner core to the filler and coverstock. It’s simply too complex.

Plastic/polyester (the material used in novice bowling balls), urethane, reactive, and particle are the four different types of coverstock materials. They’re designed to be durable and long-lasting, which means they’re not recyclable in the conventional sense.

Although this is contingent upon the recycling plants’ ability to degrade specific materials, the variety of processes they employ, their human capital, and the consumers of their end products. If they sell to businesses that accept used bowling balls, I don’t understand why they get them.

Are you looking to save your bowling balls for future use?

Enquire with your local recycling centers if they accept used bowling balls. It never hurts to inquire.

If you cannot conventionally recycle them by dropping them off at a recycling center, that does not mean they cannot be recycled in another manner. Artists excel at repurposing everyday materials that have outlived their usefulness. Every neighborhood has artists; you have to look for them.

A nearby community college certainly has an art program that would accept them for craft projects. Another possibility is that if you live near a zoo, animal shelter, or sanctuary, the bowling balls could be utilized as toys for larger animals if they are not shattered. Cracked bowling balls may harm animals.

A unique idea would be to make a backyard game with your old bowling balls. Anything is possible, even if only to see who can throw theirs the farthest. Perhaps a shuffleboard game or something similar. Utilize your creativity.

It’s excellent that you thought to recycle your old bowling equipment; others discard them. You’ll find a few news items online about bowling balls discovered in streams and tossed alongside highways and even rivers. Specific individuals do not care, which is tragic.

I know it sounds laborious to find a new home for your old bowling balls, but you will not only make someone else happy, but you will also make yourself happy. This is a win-win scenario.

You cannot go wrong when you assist someone and pay it forward.

Are Old Bowling Balls Valuable?

If you’re expecting to make a few dollars from an old ball, you may be able to. When correctly sold, vintage bowling balls can be rather valuable—various ways to sell your used bowling ball, ranging from eBay to a pro bowling shop.

While not all bowling balls are worth resale, it is always worth trying to determine whether yours is. If it is not suitable for sale, you should try donating it as described previously. Even if you don’t believe it, your generosity can make a world of difference for someone.

Sell Your Bowling Ball Online or Locally?

If you choose to sell your bowling ball online, you may have more incredible difficulty than if you sell locally. Shipping costs alone could eat up most of your profit from the sale. Amazon is an excellent platform for selling an antique bowling ball.

Some sell for a handsome sum, while others do not fare as well. The most excellent part about selling online is that you may back out if you do not receive the offer you were hoping for.

Additionally, you can sell your bowling ball locally or online. This is possible through bowling-related Facebook groups. It would help to always read the group’s rules before posting something for sale to ensure you are not violating any of them. This will be more convenient than eBay because you will not be charged for shipping.

Sell to a Pro Shop

Sell to a Pro Shop

Additionally, you may be able to sell your old ball to a pro bowling store for a few dollars. They are more selective about the balls they acquire. Therefore it is prudent to ensure the ball is in excellent shape. If they cannot purchase it and you wish to dispose of it, they may even offer to dispose of it for you.

Depending on the quality of your ball and the bowling ball market, you can expect to pay between $10 and roughly $70. If your ball is in excellent shape, you may always begin with a high price and gradually decrease it.

You may be able to earn even more money if you have a vintage bowling ball. Collectors are interested in purchasing your vintage bowling ball and other vintage bowling equipment.

Additionally, unique bowling balls will command a premium price. If you have any of these goods, you can always start an auction to see how much money you can receive for them.

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Do Bowling Balls Go Bad Over Time?

Do Bowling Balls Go Bad Over Time?

No one knows if bowling balls degrade or how long they last. However, the ball can survive for five to ten years with the same reliability and efficacy with reasonable care and maintenance. Your bowling ball will last longer if you take good care of it.

To maintain your bowling balls in top condition, keep them away from excessive temperatures. Due to temperature fluctuations, your bowling ball should not be held in your garage, shed, or attic. Too hot or too cold can ruin your bowling ball.

It’s critical to protect your bowling ball’s surface. The surface, also called coverstock, comes in various textures with differing degrees of friction. This is what controls the ball’s motion down the lane. It would help if you resurfaced your ball often to extend its life and maintain your game.

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(FAQ) about How to Dispose of Bowling Balls

Do pro shops purchase Used bowling balls?

Both yes and no. Although not all pro stores purchase old bowling balls, some do. One way to identify is whether or not they offer used equipment. If they do not sell used equipment, the chances of purchasing it are highly minimal to none. If the one you frequently patronize does not, do not be embarrassed to call about to discover one that does.

Is it necessary to replace my bowling ball regularly?

If you take excellent care of your bowling ball, clean it as needed, store it correctly, and resurface it as necessary, there is no necessity to replace it frequently. Your bowling ball may endure several years.

Final Remarks

Due to the scarcity of information on how to properly and safely dispose of a bowling ball, it is frequently not done correctly. Many folks discard their bowling balls in their regular trash and go on. This is strongly discouraged as it may injure an unsuspecting individual.

The best way to dispose of your bowling ball is to donate it or sell it. You can give the ball to a bowling alley, a bowling team at a school, or even to your local Veteran Affairs office. This enables others to obtain bowling equipment that they would not have had otherwise.

To maximize the life of your bowling ball, you should take care of it. A bowling ball’s usual life expectancy is between five and ten years, but it can live considerably longer with good maintenance.

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